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Administration & Consulting

Our experienced team of professionals first and foremost sees that your plan stays compliant, verifies cash flows within the plan for each participant, and acts as an extended HR department to respond to questions/requests related to the company’s retirement plan.

Beyond the core compliance and trust accounting services, we annually review the plan and make recommendations to ensure the plan continues to meet your stated objectives accounting for demographic, legislative, and overall business changes. 

We perform the following services to provide a smooth and efficient plan operation:

  • Coverage and non-discrimination compliance testing.
  • Preparation of IRS Form 5500 and related schedules.
  • Calculate employee eligibility and plan entry.
  • Allocate employer contributions per client objectives.
  • Distribution processing: Calculation of distributed amount, preparation of required distribution notices, release forms and IRS Form 1099-R.
  • Loan processing: Set up of loan accounts, preparation of promissory note and amortization schedule and tracking loan repayments.
  • Reconcile investment accounts at a participant level by money type.
  • Prepare customized participant statements for employers to provide employees.
  • Prepare required and discretionary amendments to the plan documents.
  • Preparation of appropriate PBGC form (for defined benefit plans if applicable)