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Our Process

In order to accurately investigate your retirement plan options, we undergo a rigorous discovery and research process:

Initially, we need to learn about your business. What is important to you as a business owner, what is your vision? Additionally, what is the current state of your company and your industry? 

Next, we need to learn about the goals you have for your retirement plan. We want to get a sense of what is important to you and what you wish to accomplish with your company’s retirement plan. 

If you currently maintain a corporate retirement plan, we analyze the plan provisions, and will also rate the proficiency of your current investment management. Additionally, we review current IRS guidelines and recent changes to confirm your plan’s compliance with regulations. We apply what we have learned about your goals to determine if the structure of your current plan is appropriate for your objectives. 

If we are designing a new plan ‘from scratch’, we demonstrate the mechanics of how different plan designs and features will operate within the parameters of your company. 

Once the appropriate plan design is determined, we will review and discuss several different investment providers and pricing to find a good fit for your company.